A hands-on writing course for training your skills as a communicator across digital platforms

Write for the Web and Social Media

Learn how to excel as content producer across social platforms and devices in this hands-on course. Improve your tool box and media specific writing skills through practical exercises, examples and coaching with ISOC's Desirée Banugo.

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Social media, the Web and different digital devices and screens demand advanced skills of you as a producer of text and content. 

Get in the best writing shape - in English - by attending this course, organized by two leading professional communication networks and schools, Kforum (DK) and ISOC (UK) - International School of Communication. 

The course is aimed at native English speaking professionals - as well as Danes and all other nationalities who can work professionally in English.

This course is popular for its hands-on format, revolving around a variety of fun and fast-paced writing exercises. Learn all the classic and new advice, insights and tools for writing more strategically, to reach and engage your audience and target groups efficiently.  

You learn to master the top advice on writing for the six major social platforms, blogs and micro-blogs, mobile devices and demands of the algorithms. You'll become a better trained text producer and can bring these new learnings and tools home to share in your organization.  


In one day from 9.15 AM until 4 PM the course takes you through four modules of training in writing for the Web and Social Media:
  • Welcome and introduction by Kforum
  • Module 1: Principles of Writing for the Web and Social Media
    - Discover how people read on social media compared to the Web
    - Learn how to write for mobile devices and apps
    - Five key principles for shareable social media writing
    Incl. workshops: writing headlines that get noticed; writing for apps; how to make your company’s content shareable 
  • Module 2: Social Media Writing Strategy
    - Establishing social media purpose and strategy for your company
    - Get your audience to tell you what to write
    Incl. workshop: Develop a Content Strategy Framework to streamline messaging
  • Lunch
  • Module 3: Optimising Social Media Writing
    - Building a social media ecosystem
    - The importance of search algorithms in social media
    - Optimization tips for the main six social media platforms
  • Module 4: Micro-writing for Blogs and Social Networks
    - Style, tone and language for social media writing
    - Highly engaging content and writing themes
     -Blog etiquette
    - Social media writing tips by platform plus bonus material
  • Thank you for today


After this course you'll be a better trained producer of text, aimed at the web and social channels - learnings, insights, tools and tips that you can bring home to share in your organization, to sharpen you in the race for target group engagement. 

From this course, you and your organization will gain:
  • enhanced writing skills for producing text aimed at social media 
  • a strategic approach for developing digital, social content
  • in depth understanding of how to aim your digital, social content 
  • timely tips on how to benefit from working with algorithms and winning headlines
  • an updated tool-box for media specific writing - from blogs and six main social media platforms to mobile devices and screens.
Kforum holder kursus i Facebook og andre sociale medier


Desirée Banugo
Marketing Consultant
Desirée Banugo is an integrated marketing consultant, specialized in digital and social media. She is associated with ISOC, International School of Communication in London - one of the leading European professional training academies within communcation. Over the last 19 years, Desirée has developed strategies and managed campaigns for brands, creative agencies and entrepreneurs at national and global level. Desirée's client roster includes Lloyds Banking Group, IBM, Yahoo!, Shell, DeBeers, Jaguar, Vodafone, and British Film Institute, Tequila, TMP, Wunderman & Rapp.


Wednesday, October 26,  from 9.15 - 16.00. You are welcome to join us from 9.00 for breakfast, and we will start out at 9.15 exactly. 
Kforum, Gammel Kongevej 3E, 4. Floor, 1610 København V. Denmark.

The course is aimed at native English speaking professionals - as well as Danes and all other nationalities who can work professionally in English. This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. This course is recommended for professionals who create communication texts, since most written content is destined for the Web.
How do I sign up?
We only have room for a limited number of participants, so sign up as soon as possible - please click here - or e-mail your contact information to us at kdag@kforum.dk 
What is the fee?
Prisen er kr. 4990 (ekskl. moms). Medlemmer af Dansk Journalistforbund får 20 procent rabat på kurset. Medlemmer af Kommunikation og Sprog får 20 procent rabat på kurset. (plus VAT for Danish participants only) for the whole day - equivalent to approx. £545. If you travel from outside Denmark, please contact us for a partly reimbursement of transportation costs up to 1000 DKK/£110. When we receive your registration, we will send confirmation together with an invoice. Reimbursement is not possible. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a colleague instead. 
What if I'm a student?
Kforum offers one student free participation. We require that you are studying at a relevant education and willing to share your learnings after the course. The free participation for a student is now occupied.
Who is organizing the course?
Kforum in Copenhagen is organizing this course in close cooperation with ISOC, the International School of Communication. Kforum is the main network for Danish communicators and media professionals, and a leader in communication training with more than 65 courses every year.

The International School of Communication is based in London and has training centers in Brussels, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. International School of Communication is a respected and professional company that focuses on hands-on communication training.
Any questions?
Please feel free to contact Marta Karolina Olsen, on +45 33 42 21 60. You can also email us on kdag@kforum.dk.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
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Kforum, Gammel Kongevej 3E, 4. Floor,
1610 København V.


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Onsdag 26. oktober 2016
Pris pr. deltager:
4990 (ekskl. moms)
Medlemmer af Dansk Journalistforbund får 20 procent rabat på kurset.

Medlemmer af Kommunikation og Sprog får 20 procent rabat på kurset.



Desirée Banugo
Marketing Consultant

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