Q&A: Ekspert i intern kommunikation Liam Fitzpatrick
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Vi har spurgt ekspert i intern kommunikation Liam Fitzpatrick, hvilke trends vi skal kigge efter, hvilke virksomheder, der performer bedst og hvilke bøger, vi skal købe lige nu. Mød Fitzpatrick på kurset 'Styrk den interne kommunikation med nye værktøjer'.
1. What do you find is the key theme in your communication research?
Time and again I find that the main concern of communications is about making the impact with senior leaders that they know they can. Over time people have talked about getting a seat at the top table or being invited in early enough to make a difference; but it boils down to the same thing. We know we can really make a difference in the organisations we support and only now are leaders beginning to understand that. It’s an interesting time to do what we do!
2. Which international companies are in the lead of internal communication and what is their recipe?
It would be unfair for me to single out one organisation although I am continually impressed by organisations like Novo Nordisk and Ericsson because of the emphasis they place on helping leaders at all levels to be effective communicators. For most problems in our field we come back to the issue of how you engage middle management and help them hold a conversation with their teams. Investing energy to make them effective is always wise.
And I would add that the essential ingredient is a belief that communicators exists first and foremost to deliver results for the organisation – that’s why you always work your way back to the question ‘how do we help line managers deliver?'
3. What are the key trends in internal communication right now?
Everyone is very excited about digital and whether social media can make the transition inside organisations. I don’t think we’ll see a big bang but, as usually happens, small steps here and there will mean that tech is going to become a reality for communicators.  
But I still think it is an enabler – not an end in itself.  Which is why I think the interest in data and intelligence is so important. When you sit around a boardroom table everyone comes with facts – so should we!
4. How did the social media revolution affect the area of internal communication?
I don’t think you can use the past tense in a question like this. I don’t think a revolution has happened despite all the noise and fury. The truth is that small changes are happening in different places as people find small uses or come up with innovations. Communicators has always moved forward like this but the fundamental challenges remain – how do we add value to the organisations we serve …
5.  Does it still make sense to distinguish between internal and external communication hence the transparency of modern companies?
Does anyone do that anymore??? I think we’ve all learnt how dangerous it is to assume that what you say inside doesn’t go outside and vice versa. If anyone still thinks you can keep them separate they are in for a shock!
6. What is your take on measuring internal communication?
When you sit at the boardroom table everyone else has a spreadsheet. Why should communicators think they are any different? Organisations run on data and using data to shape your messages, spot opportunities and hotspots should be a core skill for everyone in our field – or at least anyone who wants to be listened to!
7. And last but not least: Please recommend new books on internal communication.
Well is it immodest to mention the book that I wrote with Klavs Valskov: Internal Communication: A manual for practitioners?  
Naturally anything by Bill Quirke is a must read and for anyone wanting a laugh track down Who Moved my Blackberry? by Lucy Kellaway – you’ll love it!

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