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In search of guidelines for the design of location-based services on the mobile Internet, this work discusses how studies about context, spatial cognition and wayfinding as well as research on small displays, can contribute to improve interaction and enrich content. It includes the prototype of a mobile service that gives location-based information to tourists.

When developing content for the mobile Internet, creators have to consider multiple challenges related to the nature of mobile devices such as small screens and different kinds of interfaces.
But a feature that is common to all handsets is that they are supposed to be used in different environments and while people are moving from one place to another. This can work as a reference tool for those creating content for the mobile Internet, especially after the advent of technologies that can inform users where they are.

One of the conclusions of the work is that content creators need to take into account the relationship between device and user, between user and the environment and between user and other users. Another conclusion is that cognition, context and space studies can in fact contribute do the design of content for location-based services. As an example, some may believe that representing space by using a map is enough to guide users, but a content designer must take into consideration that many people have difficulty to understand maps.

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