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Rebuild21 Community Event on Constructive growth with Ida Auken

More desperate than ever the world needs a game plan for sustainable growth. Denmark once was a pioneer in green energy development.


We have invited Minister for the Environment Ida Auken and a panel of Industry leaders to discuss the potentials of a more constructive and green path to growth and how we can make it happen.


The event is free for Leaderlab members and Rebuild21 participants - but we have reserved 30 open free seats for motivated people.

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Agenda – January 19th 2012:

09.00-09.15 Welcome & Introduction to challenges

9.15-10.15 Group brainstorms

10.15-10.30 Break

10.30-10.45 Ida Auken, Minister for the Environment (DK)

10.45-11.30 Panel discussion – presentation of ideas and suggestions

11.30-13.00 LeaderLab meeting (Members only)

- As you can see it will not be a lean-back experience. Join us and help shape the ideas and the debate.


Speakers and panel

Ida Auken

Ida Auken, Minister for the Environment (DK)

Fei Chen

Fei Chen, Innovation Platform Director Grundfos

Nickie Spile

Nickie Spile, Vice President R&D, Novozymes

Marius Sylvestersen

Marius Sylvestersen, Brand Strategy Director, State of Green

Jens-Christian Stougaard

Jens-Christian Stougaard, Director Communication & CSR, PensionDanmark



We are now 7 bill. people on the planet. By 2035 around 70% of the world population will live in cities. The price of energy and food is climbing. We are the most in-dept, medicated and obese generation ever. We are not close to a realistic solution to tackle climate change. And we are facing yet another collapse of the world economy.

More desperate than ever need the world needs a game plan for sustainable growth. Denmark once was a pioneer in green energy development. But green growth is not just about idealism – its big business and a global race to deliver the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

In 2011 both Rebuild21 and Green Growth Leaders explored the potentials of a New Danish wave of Green Growth. But what will it take to unleash the potentials and take the lead? What can politicians do? What can companies do? What can investors do? And what can we do as citizens? Join us and help shape the ideas, discussions and get inspired for action.

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