Pelle Guldborg Hansen

Pelle Guldborg Hansen

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Pelle Guldborg Hansen (1977) is behavioral scientist, at Roskilde University. He is also the Director of ISSP – The Initiative of Science, Society & Policy at Roskilde University and University of Southern Denmark; a member of the Prevention Council of the Danish Diabetes Assoc; Chairman of the Danish Nudging Network; founder of TEN - The European Nudge Network, and Director of iNudgeYou - an experiment in guerilla research.
Hansen was awarded the Ph.D. degree from Roskilde University in game theoretical modeling of social conventions and norms in 2010. Since then he has worked with real world applications of behavioral economics, especially so-called ‘nudge’-interventions, within a wide range of arenas: from bank-mobility and conformity to tax regulation over organ-donation and street littering to registration processes within Danish Business Authorities. He has published these aspects of his research in amongst other the International Review of Economics, American Journal of Bioethics and European Journal of Risk Regulation. His research and work have been reported by The Economist, Foreign Policy, CNN, New Scientist and Wall Street Journal.
In 2010 he founded as well as became the Chairman of The Danish Nudging Network that comprises +80 governmental institutions, municipalities, universities, organizations and businesses. In 2014 he founded TEN - The European Nudge Network together with Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monet Professor in European Law and Risk Regulation.


Organisation/FirmaJob-titelEvt. beskrivelse
ISSP - Initiative for Science, Society and Policy
Siden 2010
2006 - 2007
Ekstern Lektor
Roskilde Universitet
2006 - 2009


InstitutionGrad/retningEvt. beskrivelse
Roskilde Universitet
2006 - 2009
Roskilde Universitet
1996 - 2005
Filosofi og Socialvidenskab


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