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Alfred has pursued a two-tier career in academia and as an entrepreneur. He holds a Ph.D., MA and BA degrees in philosophy and science from Roskilde University and University of Copenhagen. In 2012 he was Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy at Berkeley University. Alfred has also been head of two collaborative organizations (Kollaboration 2007-2011) and (WeCollaborate 2009-2012). This project combines and demands both the academic and the entrepreneurial. 
My main field is to examine how the use of new technology enables new collaborative organizational structures, that create the foundation for new applied knowledge epistemology. A focus area is working with experiments that integrates the social and cultural dimensions within new collaborative practices. In my Ph.D. dissertation I explored how a new collaborative paradigm is arising in the traditional sectors such as industry, academia and new maker spaces. This new era of collaboration is clearly visible in Silicon Valley, where so called disruptive technologies are invading a variety of sectors such as biotechnology and education, causing new ways of working, creating and learning. From the Ph.D. a large network of researcher and practitioners in Denmark, California and India have grown and this post doc project is partly developed in interaction with this network. Communication is an important aspect of transdisciplinary collaboration as a part of a knowledge and innovation creation process. I therefore also work and study, both theoretically and in practice, different Media (text, film, art and social media through the internet etc.) forces and pitfalls in relation to collaboration.
PH.D in Philosophy (2012-2016) Master in Philosophy (2005-2007) and (2010-2011) (*with a A+ in my final master thesis) with a subsidiary subject in Film and Media Studies from Copenhagen University. Bachelor in Social Sciences and Philosophy (2002-2005) (*with a A+ in my final bachelor thesis) from University of Roskilde. Additionally I have a one year photo & film training from the Art School of Copenhagen, Fatamorgana. 
Practical experience as an entrepreneur (from 2007 to 2011)

With a background in social science, photography, economics and philosophy, I have an interdisciplinary and action-oriented approach to everything that I do. This approach combined with my skills in networking, and my strong curiosity, has given me the ability to start the business Collaboration ApS and the associated knowledge and ideaplatform, I started both initiatives as a way of testing and developing new methods for collaboration and understanding the new opportunities collaboration opened up for along with what conditions were needed for collaboration and knowledge sharing on the Internet to work. Collaboration has housed everything from 3-30 employees.
Ph.d. study 2012 – 2016
Ph.d. candidate in Philosophy and at Novozymes R&D. My aim is to use my background in philosophy to empower new collaborative science and innovation culture within biotechnology.

Biotechnology is developing rapidly. The social media, as well as a new ways of building cheap laboratory equipment along with a growing need for market ready bio-based solutions, have created a new era of biotechnology. This shift is clearly visible in Silicon Valley, where companies, but also underground biohackers and students experiment with new forms of collaboration online as well as in physical laboratory settings. This is giving rise to unexpected new results and new ways of reaching them.

I am was last semester, 2012, enrolled at Berkeley University, here I was making a documentary, while supervised by the philosopher, Hubert Dreyfus, which focuses on this new rapid development in the ways of doing science. This is giving me an opportunity to create concrete network building with relevant upcoming bio-environments. Creating the documentary is also giving me an insight into some of the driving factors in this development, as well as serving as a communication bridge between philosophy and science. You can see and follow the project on
Selected Publications:
The Ph.D. thesis Kollaboration – på kanten af et nyt paradime?
The article Why Open Media in The Journal of Communication
Forthcoming book: Collaboration (Samfundslitteratur)
The Documentary* ; Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm?
Selected Exhibitions
2005 The world outsite. (solo exhibition) in Gustonomia, Copenhagen
2006  - Just Landed in the Centre of the City -  City Hall, Copenhagen
2007 -  Fatamorgana Graduation Show -  Blågårdsgade 23B, Copenhagen
2007 - r-EXPOSED -  Sziget Festival, Budapest (Hungary)
2010 – This way we´re free to walk. Photo exhibition along with Solkær Starbird in World Cultural, Global. 


Organisation/FirmaJob-titelEvt. beskrivelse
Siden 2007
Founder and partner
2006 - 2013
Founder and partner
Community, New York. 2001
2001 - 2001
Skovhygger og handicapmedhjælper
Synagoge, gamle by, Jesusalem
2000 - 2001
Konstruktion worker
Sejlskiber, Zoba, Rødehavet
1999 - 2000
Skibskok og sejler
Sterling, Slot, Skotland
1996 - 1997
Handicapmedhjælper og gardener


InstitutionGrad/retningEvt. beskrivelse
2006 - 2007
Københavns universitet
2005 - 2011
Roskilde Universitet
2002 - 2005
samfundsvidenskab og filosofi


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