A network for you who are working internationally with communication and marketing

Network: Leaders of International Communication and Marketing

If you are head of marketing or communication in a company operating internationally, or responsible for corporate communication activities across borders to different stakeholders like customers, employees, media or public authorities, this is the network for you. The network provides you with up to date strategies, inspiration, sharing of experience and sparring from other leaders like yourself.


We have developed a program consisting of top trends, classic communication and marketing disciplines as well as best practice cases that will strengthen your daily work and inspire your future activities. The first meetings are planned in advance – the following will be planned to match the interests of the network and its members.

Previous meetings

Your outcome

The aim of the network is to be a truly internationally oriented forum for exchange of ideas, learning and experience in marketing and communication for leaders in Denmark who operate internationally.
Regardless of whether you are from the marketing side or the communication side, you will gain from this interdisciplinary, confidential and professional network. 
We focus on the challenges you are facing in your daily business, and make sure that your time spent in the network is value adding. We ensure this through a professional meeting and network facilitation and a combination of short and sharp presentations from external experts, thought leaders, practitioners or the like (you could be among them yourself), and knowledge sharing in confidence among the network members.
You membership in this network provide you with:
  • A professional and confidential network of up to 20 leaders of international communication and marketing, with whom you can exchange ideas and experience.
  • Inspiration and knowledge through short and sharp presentations from external experts, thought leaders, practitioners or the like.
  • Professional network and meeting facilitation by Jens Steen Larsen, senior consultant at Rhetorica, former head of corporate communication in Coloplast and for the last 8 years an advisor to Danish and international companies and organizations.
  • An international study trip is a special feature for this network, as one of the meetings consists of a study trip to a European location, where we are going to visit a company or an organization to gain insight into their unique way of handling marketing and/or communication management challenges. The destination will be set later in cooperation with network members.
  • A full membership package with all materials, a digital network room and catering included. (NB the study trip will be billed as a separate expense of apprx. 4.000 kr.).
We deal with issues of interest to you as a member. It could be themes like:
  • What are the pros and cons of centralizing or decentralizing external communication?
  • How do you manage Social Media in an international context?
  • What is the newest thinking on international stakeholder management?
  • How do we manage intercultural communication?
  • How can marketing and communication support each other in promoting the company´s corporate brand?
  • What are the main management issues in an international marketing/communication department? And how do you deal with them?
  • How do we attract, recruit and keep the next generations of professionals, employees and customers?
  • How do you carry out a major change project in a multicultural context?
  • How do we benefit efficiently from working internationally with cross-media communication, data and insights?

Your participation

Members: The network is intended for leaders of international communication or marketing. It will primarily consist of Danes working in companies based in Copenhagen and operating on international markets. But it can also include international leaders based in other locations or from other nationalities, as well as leaders from NGOs or other non-profit organizations. We know that a lot can be gained from the interdisciplinary approach of this network.
Language: Depending on whether we have non-Danish speakers in the network or as guest speakers, the dialogue will be in Danish or English.
Meetings: The network will meet 5 times a year. Meetings will take place in or near Copenhagen at a member´s company or organization or at Kforum’s location in central Copenhagen.
Your participation will include:
  • Engaging yourself actively and openly in the discussions and relation building with the other members, as well as sharing your experience and reflections and contributing to the decision-making about the themes and inspirational talks.
  • Prioritizing your participation in the 5 yearly meetings. 1 is a two-night study trip in Europe.
  • A couple of hours between the 5 yearly meetings spent on dialogue with your network members, reflection or preparation of input for the network meetings.
  • Participating in the digital, membership-based network room on Kforum.dk and possibly an inspirational talk or talk on experiences from you once a year.
  • Hosting a network meeting, if your organization has the facilities in Copenhagen for it.


Upcoming meetings
31. januar 2017
19. april 2017
16. juni 2017
2 days international study trip. Location to be announced.
7. december 2017
The meeting time is typically
kl. 9-13
including breakfast and lunch
Central in Copenhagen
The meetings are hosted alternately by members of the network
11990,- ex. study trip and value added tax per year.
Available sets
548 medlemmer har vurderet os og giver vores netværk:
Ledige pladser
Du kan nå næste møde:
31. januar 2017, kl. 9.00-13.00
Tema: Social media crisis management and communication
Pris pr. deltager:
Årligt medlemskab:
kr. 11990 (ekskl. moms)



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